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This is a fan fiction archive for slash stories (i.e. stories with homoerotic content) written about Sam and Dean Winchester from the TV show, Supernatural (Sam/Dean or Dean/Sam).

Warning: Most fic in this archive contain brotherly incest. If you are underage or if you don't like the idea of slashing the Winchester brothers (Wincest), please go somewhere else.

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I'm sorry for the spam problems. I had left the fandom years ago. I'll gradually go thru the list of users to remove obvious spam accounts. The contact address for this site is spammed like crazy and I rarely check it. If you need immediate assistance, please contact me on Twitter, @redina, or via LJ at redina.

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I've blocked a range of IP addresses that had attacked the site. If another attack occurs, I'll have to block off more IP addresses.

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Someone or multiple individuals have been causing too many search queries and the webhost has disabled the site for the time being. Within one day, *four* times the usual bandwidth was used and CPU usage was too excessive.

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Castiel and Fics
New character of Castiel added, and after a system glitch, fics are being released.

--Admin on 01/31/09 - 09:12AM
Characters Added
New characters added to the options: Ash, Ava Wilson, Bobby Singer, Ellen Harvelle, Gordon Walker, and Jo Harvelle.

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All stories have been transferred over as of late last night. Please update your bookmarks and post your stories to this location. Thank you.

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