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I love SPN. I came here because I like the crazy things that people come up with! Now I can bring MY crazy things here as well! ^_^
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Summary: I've had little luck finding an open series. So I made one! Anyone who wants to join, welcome! I chose random characters, genres and warnings. As a summary--Roadhouse, Lawrence, time travel, angel curiosity, ash is a deviant and Dean is a sucker for puppy dog eyes. :) Go wild!
Categories: Slash Characters: Dean, Sam, Ash, Castiel
Genres: First Time, Humor, Pre-Series Warnings: Dean/Male character, Kink, Non-Con/Rape, Sam/Male character, Threesome (M/M/M)
Challenges: None
Open: Yes
non timebo mala by spnlover89 Rated: NC-17 [Reviews - 7]
Summary: Sam's out of Ruby's blood. With nothing else to calm his "fire" things take a wrong turn.
Categories: Slash Characters: Dean, Sam
Genres: First Time Warnings: Non-Con/Rape, Read At Your Own Risk
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Published: 12/13/09 Updated: 12/15/09